"Play 2 Grow truly is more than a kids gym. This program promotes learning and fun in every class."
- Allison Vaccaro
Buckhead mom

"I love our Baby Spa class. It's the most connected and relaxing time I get to spend with my infant."
- Christie McCrary
Smyrna mom

"Play 2 Grow provided the perfect birthday party. They customized our activities and exceeded our high expectations. No place else comes close."
- Angie Jordan
Midtown mom

  • Infant massage, "tummy time", baby signing and sensory stimulation are recommended by Pediatricians everywhere for their positive developmental effects.
  • These are the very activities and skills practiced and mastered by loving caregivers during Baby Spa classes.
The Many Benefits of Loving Touch

Loving human touch (infant massage) is an instinctive family behavior which is vital to healthy human development. Loving contact from a parent or caregiver to their child promotes secure attachment and human bonding that will help determine the long term psyche of any infant. Beyond this all-important parent-child connection, consistent loving touch during critical windows of development (infancy) leads to secure self -attachment. This essential personal quality promotes life-long self-esteem, resilience, and empathy for others. In short, infant massage has profound effects on human psychological development.

And there's much more... Research shows that consistent loving touch triggers the following physical changes that help our infants grow and develop:

  • Improves developing sensory and motor systems,
  • Lowers levels of cortisol, the human "stress" hormone.
  • Relieves colic and stimulates food absorption.
  • Improves immune system functioning.

Play Groups

  • Growers (2-6 months):
    Our amazing Growers interact with family and friends to expand their limitless learning capacities. Parents and caregivers will be amazed as they assist their infant in achieving early developmental milestones which include head and postural control, eye tracking, and body awareness. In addition, caregivers will learn to communicate their affection through the loving touch of infant massage.
  • Explorers (7-12 months):
    The Explorers are the most capable and active group in our Baby Spa program. These little ones crawl, creep, and cruise to their own beat during fun and exciting developmental play. They are becoming true explorers as they begin to interact with classmates and discover their ever growing abilities and surroundings.

Play 2 Grow's Baby Spa...
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